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La Maison

La Maison RELIQUIA® was founded in 2015 in Locarno, Switzerland.

The company was born from the encounter of two different personalities with various professional experiences, styles and technical skills.

From this fusion of ideas  was born a unique jewel in the world.






and to


We created a jewel, a one of a kind in the world.

Our jewels contain few grams of ashes or hair, (DNA) of your beloved ones.

To always keep with you the memory of your beloved ones.

Is an emotion that goes

beyond us.

The tradition

The future

The use of relics was already established in ancient times and it was accentuated  in those societies who love to venerate and honour  the memories of a person and their lives

Historically they kept hair or ashes of their loved ones.

It is from these historical roots that the idea of Reliquia’s “ The Ring of Memory” was born.

Our Maison recreated the concept of relics using the most advanced technologies.

Thanks to the use of genetic profiling, today  Reliquia also offer the opportunity to keep the genome (DNA) of your beloved one within “The Ring of Memory”.

Our vision is to be:

"The only jewel in the world with a soul”.

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