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RELIQUIA jewels included in the Bespoke Line  are crafted by our Italian goldsmiths with the exclusive of natural precious stones. Our philosophy of joining gems to gold or other precious metals is born of the ancient and deep meaning of the color of each stone.


The meaning of the diamond can be traced back to the very origin of the name.

From the greek word “adamai” not tameable, therefore untameable or unconquerable.

Its features makes it the most desired and sought after stone: transparent, bright, resistant, pure, and unchangeable stone considered a talisman since ancient times, exclusive to Royals and the powerful.

Even today the meaning of the diamond is tied to strenght, perfection and beauty.

Donating a diamond is a symbol of an eternal, unbreakable and splendid bond.

Some beliefs speak of an absorption power and amplification of thoughts in those who possessed it.



The meaning of ruby binds to the origin of the name from the Latin “rubeus”,

(red) although the ancients called it  “carbonchio” because of its resemblance to

the color of burning charcoal.

For the warm and burning shade, it is identified as the Stone of the Sun, which

gives strength, energy and vitality.

The ancient meaning of ruby as the passion stone has remained to the present day: wearing a ruby is a symbol of a burning, passionate and never-ending love.


The meaning of emerald comes from the greek word “smaragdos”,

meaning “green stone”.

From the earliest times it was considered the stone of wisdom and of the secret knowledge, able to reveal the future and to protect from spells and sorcery.

Emeralds were also highly appreciated  by Egyptians, for them the green color

was a symbol of rebirth.

Even in the West, emerald was regarded  a very powerful amulet that helped

pregnant women.


Word Sapphire comes from greek “sappheiros”, meaning light blue, which in turn originates in Sanskrit “sani/healthy”.

However,  a lot of people talk about a Jewish derivation from the word “sappir”, which translates to “the most beautiful thing”.


The light blue color has long been associated with peace and happiness.

It is also linked to the world of introspection, intution and spirituality.

The ancient meaning of the name of this stone derived from Christianity, and is connected to the colour of the Virgin Mary’s cloak.

Same religious importance for Budhism as well, it is considered as the stone of prayer

and spirit elevation.

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